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Online Thermal Imagers  -  RAYTEK's Pi20 Online Thermal Imager (Camera) with Thermal Image & Temperature.
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Fixed thermal imagers for moving or stationary targets in process control, as well as in Lab and R&D applications.


ThermoView Pi20

Raytek ThermoView™ cameras offer thermal imaging for moving or stationary targets in process control systems. Combined with user-friendly software, these infrared cameras provide a complete solution for variety of industrial, as well as Lab and R&D applications. The rugged Pi20 high performance fixed thermal imager has an IP54 rating and is offered in two temperature ranges: -40 to 500°C (-40 to 932ºF) and 200 to 2000°C (392 to 3632ºF). Its fully featured companion software, DataTemp® Pi (DTPi), can support up to 16 cameras simultaneously. Read More