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Product Details :
Features of FOX-Sort Allocation Computer
► General
  - Baggage Sortation based on:
  - Passenger Destination
  - Passenger travel class
  - Flight Type ( Code share, Transfer, etc )
  - High Availability – Redundant configuration (Hot, warm or cold standby)
  - Multi Language System – English, French or any other as per clients requirement
  - Multi Lingual screens and
  - Multi lingual help for all screens.
  - Remote support for running SAC using VPN connectivity.
  - Different user based profiles for Administrator, SAC operator and Guest.
► SAC System
   • Home
- Displays Displays the online system status based on the communication between SAC and its partner systems like Bag   Message Server (SITA), MIS, Sorter PLC, BHS PLC, etc.
- Displays the statistics and status of the messages (received, pending, processed, error) transferred between SAC and   its partner systems.
   • Seasonal Sort Plan
    - User can create the destination wise, flight wise and passenger travel class wise sort plan for the entire season.
    - User can also modify and activate Seasonal sort plan.
    - One Hundred such seasonal sort plans can be maintained.
    - Import the seasonal plan from MS Excel and export the seasonal sort plan to MS Excel
   • Daily Sort Plan
    - It is used to maintain daily destination wise, flight wise and passenger travel class wise sort plan.
    - Shows all the flights scheduled for yesterday, today and next two days.
    - Daily sort plan for today and next two days can be automatically derived from seasonal sort plan.
    - Automatic out feed allocation is done by matching the flight information received from MIS and the flight information in   active seasonal sort plan. This feature can be turned on or off based on user’s requirement.
    - User can edit the daily sort plan to add, edit, delete the flight or the chute allocated to the flight.
   • Chronograms Management
    - Create, update, activate, and deactivate default chronogram to calculate open and close time of the flight.
    - Used to determine early and late bags.
   • Alarms / Warnings
    - Lists all the alarms and warnings raised by various SAC components or SAC interfaces for the selected period.
    - Automatic resolution of alarms and warning when alarming condition goes away.
   • Interface Log
    - Lists all the events logged by SAC and its interface with partner systems for selected date and time.
    - Provides detailed analysis of an error logged by the SAC.
   • Event Log
    - Lists all the crucial events logged by SAC in windows system event log in case of database connection failure or   database exceptions.
   • System Options
    - Update settings for configuring SAC. Eg : port number, IP address, login id and password for interface, etc
   • User Options
    - Login, Change Password, Forgot Password - Forgot password (Recovery, Reset). Email notification.
   • Users Management for Administrators
    - User Management ( create, update, delete users and their profiles)
    - Define access rights for admin, operator and guest roles
    - Assign Admin, Operator, Guest roles and language selection to a users profile
    - Search user using user name or email id
    - Provides following User profile status :
      → Registered Date time
      → Last Login Date time
      → Last Activity Date time
      → Approved by Admin (Yes / No)
      → Locked Out by Admin (Yes / No)
   • Interface configuration
    - SAC shall have an interface with Bag message Server (SITA), MIS and Sorter PLC and / or BHS PLC.
    - Following parameters are configurable to run the interface :
      → Interface ID ( ex : SITA, MIS, Sorter, etc )
      → Interface Name
      → Protocol
      → Log Activity (Yes / No)
      → Log Error (Yes / No)
   • Audit configuration
    - Any change in the following profiles is audited.
    - The audit log is displayed with Date Time, User Action, Parameter Name, Old Value and New Value :
      → Airline and flight number : Audit changes done in airline and flight number
      → Alarm Configuration : Audit changes done in alarm configuration
      → Alarm Groups Configuration : Audit changes done in alarm group configuration
      → Audit Configuration : Audit changes done in Audit configuration
      → Chronograms : Audit changes done in chronograms
      → Destination Information : Audit changes done in flight destination Information
      → Interface Configuration : Audit changes done in interface configuration
      → Sort Plan : Audit changes done in creating, deleting, activating or deactivating sort plans
      → System Options : Audit changes done in system options
   • Alarm Group Configuration
    - Used to configure different alarm groups and enable or disable the monitoring of an alarm group.
    - It provides Group ID, Group Name, Description, Monitor ( Yes / No)
   • Alarm Configuration
    - Used to enable or disable monitoring of an alarm.
    - It provides Alarm ID, Description, Alarm Group, Monitor ( Yes / No)
   • Airline / Flight name Information
    - User can view, add and update the airline/ flight number and its type
    - Destination Information
    - User can view, add and update the destinations of the flight
   • Regular Automatic Data Back up