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Portable Pyrometer  -  IRCON/RAYTEK - Portable spot temperature measurement devices.
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Rugged, flexible, fast and easy to use portable IR thermometers for industrial temperature measurement applications.

IRCON (A Fluke Company)



The Ultimax® is a sophisticated, handheld infrared thermometer that provides power and portability. This microprocessor-based IR thermometer is easy to hold and sight on your target and measures temperatures from -50 to 3000°C (-50 to 5430°F). It provides single lens reflex focusing and a precision reticle to define the target being measured. Similar to a camera, you just aim, focus and measure!      The Ultimax Plus series features 6 models, including a two color ratio series that can be used as a one or two color sensor. All Ultimax models can save up to 500 data points and include Peak Picker, Valley Picker and Averaging filters. The Ranges are capable of being scaled for analog or digital outputs and ºF or ºC are field selectable. Read More

 RAYTEK (A Fluke Company)

Raynger 3i Plus

This new generation IR thermometer is designed for use in high-temperature industrial applications, 400–3000°C (752-5432°F), such as iron and steel, metal refining, foundry and processing operations, ceramics, semiconductors, chemical and petrochemical furnaces, as well as heat treatment and power plants.
Raynger® 3i Plus features fast and easy transfer of data to PC or smartphone, a mobile application for quick data transfer and collaboration, and can be used as a temporary online thermometer.Read More

Raynger 3i

The 3i noncontact handheld pyrometers are available in a broad variety of temperature ranges, sighting options, optical ranges, and offer spectral responses to meet the needs of specialized industrial applications.Read More              

MiniTemp - Automotive Handheld

MiniTemp MT4 and MT6 provide great ways to solve common temperature measurement problems, and are small enough to fit in your pocket!  Read More