Significant Projects

Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) based of S7-400F & Safety MATRIX.
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RFID based LPG Cylinder Tracking System

"This is an end to end closed loop tracking system used to track domestic and commercial grade of LPG cylinders. It is a High Availability server configuration. Fox Middleware Servers have interfaces with Fixed RFID Readers, Hand Held RFID scanner (PDA), Smart Card Controller / Reader, Kosan LPG filling system, IBM Application Server, External web services and Siemens PLC."
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Rail Handling Plant (Bhilai)

Automated storage, tracking and retrieval and wagon loading of finished rail
Rail lengths of 13m to 78m
Rail supported at every 6.5m by independent rail handling crane
Synchronized operation of 26 such cranes for vertical and horizontal positioning.
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Vertical Tubular Continuous Bagger with 4-Head Belt Weigher (FFS)

Simotion D-425, Sinamics S-120
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Sort Allocation Computer for Zine El Abidine Ben Airport, Enfidha, Tunisia

Project management, planning and project organization were supplied to the client.
The functional design specification (FDS) was provided based on tender documents and the requirements discussed during    input collection.
The commissioning, SAT and training was closed in less than seven days.
CAT and handover were seamless.
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MES for vehicle assembly plant

The MES - Vehicle includes integration with SAP, Kanban and barcode scanners, monitoring TACT and time losses, manufacturing line balancing, tracking product / equipment, tracking inventory, mistake proofing in man
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