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Product Details :
♦ FOX-ECU includes :
• The PC based application for creating and editing configuration data for Electronic Control Units (ECU) of various models and    displaying reports.
Wireless Portable flashing equipment with 2D barcode scanner or RFID reader which connects to vehicle and transfers data from PC to ECU’s in the vehicle and vice versa.

♦ FOX-ECU Flashing includes  :

  • ECU Software (Dataset) will be configured and stored in PC for various models.
  • SCAN VIN number and Model number and the ECU Software (Dataset) will be selected automatically.
  • The PC application will give the trigger to start the flashing process.
  • Wireless transfer of ECU Software (Dataset) from PC to the ECU (like EMS, etc) at End of Line station.
  • Stamping of VIN number in to the ECU memory.
  • Writing Vehicle Variant configuration and Calibration data into ECU.
  • Status of flashing will be continuously updated to PC through wireless interface.
  • Software up-gradation of ECU on the field (if required).