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FOX design and manufactures a range of Low Voltage switchboards to suit Client requirements.

Based on market-leading modular construction systems, FOX manufactures a range of partially & fully type-tested LV panels to customer requirements, with the added advantage of quick turnaround from design to construction. All our panels are in accordance with International standards and guarantees a quality approved low voltage system.

FOX manufacture Main and Sub-main distribution boards with ratings from 250A to 4000A in varying forms of separation from Form 2 to Form 4 type 7, both fixed and fully withdrawable.

Main Distribution Board: The LV Panel/mains distribution originates at the mains intake which is located next to the transformer and radiates out throughout in a branching or tree like fashion.

Sub Main Distribution Board: The Main Distribution board then feeds a Sub main distribution board which is installed half way through the mains distribution system, generally at the point where a large distribution cable terminates, and several smaller sub-circuits start

Final Distribution Board: The final distribution board is generally installed locally to where the electrical power is used (point of utilization).

All FOX Factory-built switchboard assemblies comply with the IEC 60-439 standard which defines the service conditions, construction requirements, technical characteristics and tests for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies

Engineering & Design

A complete system design and application service is available from our specialist technical team, who are always available to help and advice on any project.

Technical Knowledge   

  ·         Designing of LV system projects and planning

  ·         Designing of  SLDs, GAs, Control Schematics & cable scheduling

  ·         Preparation of cable sizing and calculations, and preparation of power & control cable schedules and loop diagrams

             & termination diagrams. 

  ·        Preparation of Design Calculations for Busbar, Heat Loss, Insulators, Lightning Protection, Lighting & Earthing &

            Capacitor Banks. 

  ·        Design of motor starter feeders DOL, STAR-DELTA, SOFT STARTERS and VFDs

  ·        Short circuit & relay setting coordination study for LV & MV systems

  ·        Testing, Pre commissioning & Commissioning

  ·        Preparation of Technical & material submittals and documentation works.

  ·        Job Estimations

In addition, our documented quality systems ensure rigorous control of design, in-process inspection & testing, component and assembly traceability, and final inspection & product certification.

Project Engineering

  ·        Professionally Qualified personnel’s with Good working knowledge & experience in EPLAN, ELCAD and AutoCAD

  ·        Planning and schedule preparation on MS-Projects & Primavera software

  ·      Preparing the estimations using Siemens Software - SIMARIS SIVACON 8PT & SIMARIS SIVACON S8.

FOX guarantee

FOX can guarantee that the conformity of each Low Voltage switchboard manufactured has been tested and proven. All our factory-built assemblies are:

  ·     Made up of low-voltage devices and components that all comply with the applicable international standards

  ·     Based on protection & control devices by leading suppliers:

        o   Siemens

        o   ABB

        o   Schneider

        o   L&T

 ·    Based on recommended and proven switchboard configurations

 ·    Made up of Cubic system mechanical and electrical components that have been subjected to the seven type-tests

       required by IEC 60 439-1

 ·     Assembled & wired by a competent and trained panel builder

 ·    Subjected to three routine tests according to the IEC 60439-1 standard:

      o   Detailed Inspection of the assembly

      o   Dielectric test & electrical simulation testing

      o   Checking of protective measures and of the electrical continuity of the protective circuits

 ·  Our systems are designed and built to last, with particular attention to

      o   Ease of installation on site

      o   Ease of cabling access

      o   Ease of client operation

      o   Accessibility for planned maintenance

      o   Provision for future expansion & extension

      o   Many of our switchboards continue to perform and protect after three decades of service.


FOX’s MCC Panels are designed as per the clients’ specifications & according to international standards. The MCC panels are available with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors. FOX MCC panels comprises of Full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing starters, Variable Frequency Drives, transformers, analog or digital metering, feeder fusible disconnects and other features.

FOX manufactures a range of Motor Control Centres with:

  ·         Forms of separation up to Form 4 type7

  ·         Built & tested to IEC 60 439-1

  ·         Comprehensive range of competitively priced control gear from Siemens , ABB , Schneider and L&T


Types of MCC Panels:

  ·      Conventional : Compartmental & Non Compartmental MCC

          o    Construction from Form 1 through to Form 4

          o    Fixed & Draw-out Construction

          o    Front or rear access or a combination of both

          o    Incoming cable entry can be top or bottom entry or a combination of both

          o    IEC 60439-1 compliant certified busbars and earth bars

          o    Fault ratings: - 26 kA for 1 second, - 50 kA for 1 second, - 50 kA for 3 seconds, - 80 kA for 1 second

 ·         Intelligent MCC : MCC with Siemens (SIMOCODE) Products.

          o    Constructed in compliance with the same standards as their Conventional MCC

          o    Built-in pre-configured networks to allow engineers to access the full spectrum of data available

          o    Provides greater levels of diagnostic information for preventive maintenance

          o    Deliver an array of operation and electrical information, including predictive alerts that notify operators of problems

               prior to system failures.

Engineering & Design

A complete system design and application service is available from our specialist technical team, who are always available to help and advice on any project.