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PLC , HMI and VFD Training Kits :

In today’s world automation can be seen in every industry. Irrespective of the domain, industries have known the importance of automation in their machines, process etc.

Basic advantages of automation, High level of quality with high quantities, makes it omnipresent in today’s industries. Other known advantages are listed :

  • High productivity with low downtime.
  • Reduction in errors
  • Data availability for analysis
  • Easy up gradation
  • Connectivity to other systems, Ethernet, LAN etc.

To cater to this growth of automation in industries across the world ,Automation engineers/experts are required in every industry.

In industries this automation is achieved using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) , Human machine Interface (HMI) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

· Process logic and interlocks are controlled via PLC. PLC comprises CPU , Digital Inputs & Outputs , Analog Inputs & Outputs. PLC software is loaded into the PLC. PLC cyclically executes this user program and controls the field elements and hence the process.

· Via HMI the process can be controlled and visualized real-time from a PC. PLC dynamically updates the HMI.

· The speed of the motors are controlled by VFD. Soft start and energy saving are achieved by VFD besides speed control.

In this highly competitive world it is definitely advantageous for the engineering students to be pre-equipped with hands-down experience in the nerve center of the industry automation viz. PLC ,HMI and VFD. In order to assist the Students/Trainees to achieve this competitive edge Fox has developed training kits to be used in the engineering institutes or training centers . These Kits use latest generation SIEMENS’ PLC ,HMI and VFD. Siemens is the world leader in automation and has the major share of automation in India.

The trainer kits have been specially created keeping in mind both the industrial requirements and the first time user . It is complete in itself and comes with sample program of PLC and HMI. The two main kits are :

· FOX-Kit 200 – S7 200 PLC training kit with PC based SCADA.

· FOX-Kit 200+ – Fox-Kit 200 along with Drive training Kit.

There is an upgrade kit also :

· FOX-Kit Upgrade - Upgrade from FOX-Kit 200 to FOX-Kit 200+.

Unique selling points of the Training Kits :

  • Contains the three nerve centers of industrial automation viz. PLC , HMI and VFD.
  • Latest generation Siemens make S7-200 PLC , WinCC-Flexible HMI and Sinamics VFD.
  • Upgrade kit available to upgrade from basic FOX-Kit 200 to FOX-Kit 200+. 200 has PLC and HMI and 200+ has VFD also.
  • Protection provided against wrong connection , short-circuit and overload during practical sessions . Protection in the form of MCBs , fuse terminals and polarized interconnecting cable .
  • User friendly layout

Unique selling points from the Student/Trainee perspective :

  • Working on the latest generation Siemens make S7-200 PLC , WinCC-Flexible HMI and Sinamics VFD.
  • Simple and easy to understand hardware and software documentation of PLC , HMI and VFD for the beginners.
  • Sample programs of PLC , HMI and VFD.
  • Software exercises for practice. Various types of experiments are possible as the system is fully programmable.
  • Every user can develop his own programs independently . Thus enriching his concepts and knowledge in programmin g the PLC as well as the SCADA system and test it practically.
  • Every user can parameterize the VFD and see the motor running as per parameterization. Also VFD control and speed variation can be controlled via PLC and HMI.
  • Every user can program the HMI to visualize the dynamic process programmed by him.

Technical specifications :

FOX-Kit 200 comprising PLC and HMI . Does not include VFD.

FOX-Kit 200+ comprising PLC ,HMI and VFD.

FOX-Kit Upgrade for upgrading FOX-Kit 200 to FOX-Kit 200+.

FPLC : Siemens S7 200 PLC System.-Widely used in industry for applications right form small machines and process to very high speed Machines. The PLC has integrated on –board digital and analog inputs and outputs. It also has integrated configurable high speed inputs

  • Central Processing Unit CPU 224 XP .
  • Digital : Inputs -14 nos.( 24V Dc)

                    : Outputs -10 nos. (Relay)

  • Analog : Inputs - 2 nos. ( 4-20mA , 0-10V )
                     : Outputs - 1 nos. ( 4-20mA , 0-10V )
  • Configurable High Speed inputs which can be used with incremental encoder etc. ( 20 KHz – 30 KHz)
  • Power Supply : 230V AC Input / 24V DC output for the PLC.
  • MCB : Minature circuit breaker for power-on.
  • Lamps : Digital outputs wired to the lamps for indication of PLC outputs.
  • Switches : Digital inputs wired to switches to give input to the PLC.
  • Potentiometer : Analog input wired via potentiometer to give analog input to the PLC.
  • Digital Panel Meter : Analog output wired to panel meter to display analog output value of the PLC.
  • Banana Sockets : All digital & analog inputs & outputs are also wired to the sockets .
  • Cables with banana plugs : For interconnecting inputs and outputs.
  • Fuse : Outputs with fuse protection.

HMI: Siemens Human Machine Interface or also called Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) .

  • Hardware comprising :
    • Personal Computer (PC) : Celeron , 15 inch color monitor, no external interface shall be provided in order to protect the system from virus.