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Product Details :

TRENDMICRONS is a thickness measurement and control system, designed for measuring the basis weight of the calendared flat foil.

TRENDMICRONS system is designed for the contact less measurement of the basis weight (= THICKNESS * SPECIFIC WEIGHT) of foils, layers or tubes made of paper, rubber, plastic, metal, glass and other materials or also of coating layers on films and textiles. The cross profile is recorded by a transmission measuring sensor mounted in a scanner traveling continuously back and forth across the material web.

The salient features are:

  • Modes of operation :

Measurement with logging the data
Measurement without logging the data

  • Parameter settings for any product could be viewed, added, edited or deleted after login.
  • Calibration curve can be modified / configured and downloaded to the controller PLC or uploaded from plc only after login.
  • Auto and manual zero calibration
  • User configurable correction factor.
  • All the trends and bell curve can be viewed on line, or from current archive or from the selected monthly archive.
  • Trends of thickness of the film in microns for three consecutive scans along with the average, minimum, maximum thickness values.
  • Trends of thickness of the film for a selected scan
  • Trends of the sliding average thickness with minimum, maximum, average values of the thickness at any position.
  • Trends of thickness of the film along the left, center and right zone of the roll width.
  • Trends of thickness of the film along the length and width of the roll
  • Trends of thickness of the film at a specified position along the length (m)
  • Bell curve of deviation in thickness of the roll vs quantity (number)
  • Database management.
  • Statistics and report generation
    • Roll report,
    • Shift report,
    • Order and reject report
  • Status of PLC inputs and outputs is displayed.
  • Alarms.
  • Historical data for month and year selectable for viewing.