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FOX-MES  -  Manufacturing Execution System
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Product Details :
A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a system that can be used to measure and control critical production activities and increase traceability, productivity, and quality by monitoring TACT and time losses. Other functions served by our MES solutions includes integration with SAP, manufacturing line balancing, tracking product / equipment, tracking inventory, mistake proofing in manufacturing, tracking product family, monitoring labor performance, production performance monitoring and alarming, Andon displays and other various reporting solutions.
Synopsis of a vehicle factory implementation
Automatic carrier detection and associating the carrier, production order number and the model number using the tickets generated by SAP
 Complete Line display
 Recipe generation for Time Actually to Complete Task (TACT) for various models
 TACT monitoring for production line balancing
 Alarms in case of exceeding TACT time
 Analysis of rework done on a vehicle
 Client stations to feed the remarks / delay reasons / reasons for rework on a vehicle / Part numbers through barcode scanner on the Production line
 Integration with Kanban for delay reasons
 ANDON displays showing Target Launch, Actual Launch and LAC
 Reports and trends for analysis
 - Tractor Wise Time Loss Report
 - Launch and Pull Summary
 - Line Activity Complete Report (LAC)
 - Complete Time Loss Report
 - Online Vehicles Reports
 - Kanban Light Report
 - Station wise Performance Report
 - Associate wise Performance Report
 - Station wise Time Loss Report
 - Family Wise Performance Report
 - Aggregate Part Log Report
 - First Pass Yield Report