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Types of Electrical SCADA Systems:


         Power Management Systems (PMS)

         Integrated Monitoring and Control Systems (IMCS)

         Integrated Protection and Control Systems (IPCS)

         Load Shed Systems (LSS)

         Generator Management and Control Systems (GMCS)

         Power System Supervisory Systems (PSSS).





     Supervisory control and data acquisition - Supervises the status or the changes of breakers, connectors, and protective relays; induces of charged/uncharged status of lines and buses; supervises active/reactive power against operational/emergency limit; judges network faults;

      State estimation and scheduling - Estimates most likely numerical data set to represent current network;

       Load forecasting - Anticipates hourly total loads (24 points) for a few days ahead based on the weather forecast, type of day, etc. utilizing historical data about weather and load;

      Power flow control - Supports operators to provide effective power flow control by evaluating network reliability, considering anticipated total load, network configuration, load flow, and contingencies;

       Data maintenance - Enables operator to modify the database of power device status and network topology by defining parameters;

      Voltage/reliability monitoring - Monitors present voltage reliability and transient stability and predicts future status some hours ahead;

Components & Technologies:

     Remote Terminal Unit (RTU): Siemens SICAM RTU, ABB RTU 560, Callisto-Nx, Remsdaq U.K

       Protection Components: SIPROTEC, SIMEAS

       Automation Components:  SICAM 1703, SICAM PAS, SICAM TM 1703 ACP, GE FANUC PAC Systems RX3i & RX7i, Siemens S7 200/300.

       SCADA/HMI: SAT 250 SCALA, GE Cimplicity SCADA, Siemens WinCC SCADA, ABB Microscada Pro

       Software: Siemens SICAM TOOLBOX II, GE FANUC iFIX

       Communication Networks: EtherNet, Modbus, Profibus, ControlNet, DeviceNet

       Protocols: IEC 61850, IEC-60870-5-101, IEC-60870-5-103, IEC-60870-5-104, SNMP

Engineering & Design

      A complete system design and application service is available from our specialist technical team, who are always available to help and advice on any project.

       Our technical team has the capability to do the Design, System Architecture, Panel Design, RTU-Gateway Configuration, HMI Development and configuration, Relay Integration, Design of Protection panels, Factory Acceptance Test, Site testing and commissioning and LDC integration.