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FOX-AGV  -  Automatic Guided Vehicle
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Product Details :

FOX-Automatic guided Vehicle (AGV) is battery operated with the foot print of 1m X 1 m. It shall be guided by fixed path laid using radium tape between loading and unloading station.
FOX-AGV shall have a pull load capacity of 1.5 tonnes. The AGV shall travel same path for forward and return journey. The layout proposed shall reduce travel distance and the space required for turning big sized trolley.
The maximum travel speed shall be 2m/s.
The trolley shall be tugged using semi automatic mechanism for operator ease.
FOX-AGV can operate in auto and manual mode. In auto mode it shall receive the path layout instruction from remote station using Wi- Fi interface. In manual mode it shall be operated by the operator using controls on the vertical console of the AGV.
FOX-AGV shall have two types of automatic guide path cleansing facility
     - Using a dry-clean brush.
     - Using a cleanser fluid and a drying sponge.
• FOX-AGV can run a automatic cleansing cycles while moving as per software configuration
FOX-AGV has a sleek, slender vertical console with following features:
  • Charging leads at the top
  FOX- AGV when comes to the default docking position at the loading and unloading station shall lock in   with charging leads of the battery charger at these locations. FOX-AGV shall be going for charging as required during time available during loading and unloading. Charging can be enabled at the default docking position as per software configuration.
  • Hooter
FOX- AGV shall buzz to enunciate the alarming condition. It shall also enunciate in a small tone while it is waiting for loading   or unloading to draw operator’s attention.
  • Indications / Lamps
  - FOX- AGV shall have indication for various states
  - Operating state - Running, idle, alarm, ESTOP, stop and waiting for loading / unloading
  - Charging state - Charging, fully charged
  - Cleanser – Cleanser fluid level
  - Network – Wi-fi network availability
  • Switch
  - Key switch for safety reasons while AGV not in use.
  - Mode selection switch – Auto or manual
  • Safety features – FOX- AGV shall have following safety features :
  - Emergency PB on all four sides
  - Front and Rear Bumper
  - Anti collision sensors
  - Automatic braking in case of controls failure even during travel.
  - Key switch for safety reasons while AGV is not in use