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FOX-TPMS  -  Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
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Product Details :

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside all the pneumatic tires on automobiles. This system reports real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a gauge or a pictogram display or a simple low-pressure warning indication on the instrument panel.

The pressure is monitored by Tyre Pressure Sensor (TPS) mounted on each of the wheels of the vehicle. These TPS sensors have a unique ID and they transmit pressure, temperature, etc via a RF link to the receiver module located in the vehicle. The receiver module communicates this tag ID and Data to ECU which in turn evaluates the data and displays it on the instrument panel.

The TPS sensors are deactivated by the tyre manufacturers before dispatch. Hence on the vehicle assembly line, these TPS sensors are reactivated when they reach the TPMS station. After activation the TPS sensor will start transmitting the data over RF link at regular intervals. Tag ID of individual sensors are captured and passed on to the ECU flashing system so that ECU’s can correlate and evaluate the data coming from these sensors and display the information on the instrument panel.

Features of FOX-TPMS :  
  • Wireless TPMS PDA (315 MHz, 433 MHz) with 2D barcode scanner.  
  • Configuration for mapping model code and TPMS /Non TPMS functionality.  
  • User friendly GUI on PDA to guide the operator.
  • Store the TPMS data (VIN / and Tag ID’s) on the PDA and / or local TPMS PC.
  • External interface with MES server / Flashing system to send the TPMS learning data (VIN / and Tag ID’s).
  • Real time “SYNC” from handheld terminal to TPMS PC and From TPMS PC to MES / Flashing System via LAN / Wireless network.