Unique Solutions
Current meter calibration trolley automation
  Unique Turnkey Project One of the best automated calibration trolleys in the specialized world of river water flow measurement. Includes Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Work.
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Motor Driven CNG Compressor Automation
  Online Scada (WinCC) on GSM Network, HMI Key Operation from External Push Buttons on Flameproof Panel
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PC Based Power Management Unit for Dubai Int. Airport
  Power monitoring system ,using OPC server client concept & servers with cluster configuration redundancy.
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MCB Verification Machine (SPM)
  Fastest MCB Thermal trip verification machine -1800 poles / hr with only one operator.
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Blast Furnace Automation - WinCC Server Redundency Along With Client Redundency
  WinCC Server Redundency Along With Client Redundency
Control of material handling, batching, upper & lower bells as well as stoves.
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Centralised Wincc System and MIS Reports
  Central WinCC Monitoring and Production Data logging and Reporting Station.
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