Significant Projects  
 Domain Steel & Metals
 Project Name Rail Handling Plant (Bhilai)
 Client Siemens, Kalwa
 Project Highlights
Automated storage, tracking and retrieval and wagon loading of finished rail
Rail lengths of 13m to 78m
Rail supported at every 6.5m by independent rail handling crane
Synchronized operation of 26 such cranes for vertical and horizontal positioning.
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : S7-414-3DP (2 nos), ET200M and Master Drive VC (52nos).
2 HMI : WinCC.
3 Communication Protocol : Ethernet, Profibus.
4 IO Count : 1500
5 Software : Step7, WinCC
  Project Synopsis
Automation system with SCADA for Long Rail Handling System. There are very few Long Rail plants in the world and it is a rare opportunity to work on a system like this.
There are two RHS systems, each controlled by a Siemens S7-400 system. Both the systems can also operate in sync over Ehternet.
  The Rail Handling System (RHS) picks the rails from the roller table at the end of the production line and stacks it in 7 storage bays. It then retrieves rails for loading on to wagons for transporting. Every rail is tracked by its unique identification number.
  Each RHS consists of two sets of 13 telphers with crabs which carry the 78m rail over a 40m distance. All telphers in a set operate in synchronism. When long rails of 128m are to be handled, both sets of 13 telphers operate are synchronized over Ethernet to operate together. Since all telphers operate independently, it is possible to handle multiple small rails simultaneously.
  The telphers position the rails with an electrical accuracy of 0.5mm and a mechanical accuracy of 2mm. Each telpher travels over a span of 40m and can lift the rail to height of 10m. The horizontal and vertical motions are controlled by Siemens Masterdrive (ac drive). Positioning is handled by the S7-400 PLC by reading the position of the telphers over PROFIBUS.
  The scope of work included :
    1. Supply & Design of control systems.
    2. Software development
    3. Commissioning