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Automation IT Software Development
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Automation IT provides the bridge between shop floor (Machines & process) and MIS systems. Automation IT thus makes the data exchange between the shop floor and the top floor a reality.
It also provides individual standalone automation, which cannot be fulfilled by PLC systems.

We integrate automation systems with SAP, ERP or any centralized database like SQL Server.

Our application software communicates with the PLC using OPC DA and AE servers, activex controls or dynamic link libraries and stores the data and alarms from the PLC into the database for any time analysis.
Our application software can communicate with any third party devices using protocols like modbus, OPC, TCP/IP or IEEE 488 GPIB Interface

Significant projects based on Automation IT:

  • MES system for Vehicle factory

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is used to

1. To track the vehicle on the assembly line from launch to LAC ,
2. To increase traceability, productivity, and quality by monitoring TACT and time losses.
3. To measure and control critical production activities and operator performance

Application integrates SAP and barcode scanners. This application is developed in VB and SQL Server. OPC is used to communicate with PLC.

  • Power Monitoring System

Application software on the redundant servers in cluster configuration is developed in visual basic 6.0 to access online alarms, events, and data from the energy meters. More than 20000 tags are archived in SQL Server 2005. Online and historical trends and reports provided for analysis.

  • Phase Mod Test Line

A fully automatic line comprising an assembly station, four test stations and one QA station for testing phase modules. The type of the module is identified by the barcode scanner at each test station and its test parameters are automatically loaded in PLC from the central SQL Server. IEEE 488 GPIB Interface is used to transfer the test parameters from the server to the C & Tan D meter and to transfer the test results from the meter to the PLC. An application developed in VB used an activeX control (micro-computing) to communicate to PLC.

  • Fox Veri-Mac 1.0

Fox Veri-Mac 1.0 is the fastest MCB Thermal trip verification machine -1800 poles / hr designed for only one operator. The SCADA of the machine was developed in Visual Basic and SQL Server. The protocols used were OPC and IEEE 488 to communicate with PLC and current sources respectively.

  • Wire Enameling Machine

0.04 micron wire drawing and enamelling at the maximum line speed of 1400 mpm. The HMI Application communicates with two PLCs on MPI network using OPC. This application is developed in VB and SQL Server.

  • Centralization of PAV machines (Server-Client)

The test parameters for all capacitor testing machines are centrally managed. Depending upon the type of the batch running at each machine its test parameters are automatically loaded in its the C & Tan D meter from the central SQL SERVER database. The production data is collected from all the capacitor testing machines into the database and then consolidated reports including Bell curve are made available on the server application. The HMI of all the client machines and the server is developed in Visual Basic. IEEE 488 is used to communicate with the C & Tan D meter.

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