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India Development Cells (Service)
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Over the last twelve years the FOX group has emerged as one of the best system integrators in India. Knowledge has emerged as one of the most important development resources and full utilization of knowledge has dramatically accelerated our development over the past few years.

We have ported the software off shoring model to Industrial Automation.

India Development Cell Concept :

  • Companies in Europe / USA would like to set up their base in India to tap good technical expertise for Industrial Automation. Costs are extremely low.
  • Setting up base in India is a major task.
  • FOX has technical expertise in executing Automation Systems in various domains with a team of 200 engineers.
  • FOX has the expertise and the proven scalable model of setting up technically competent teams.
  • FOX provides dedicated, experienced CELL to handle automation projects for each client company.
  • Zilch set up costs. Ready infrastructure and team to quick start engineering and software development activities in India.
  • Domain expertise available in Chemicals, Cement, Water Treatment, HVAC, Food & Beverages, Packaging Machines, Paper, Power Generation, Power Transmission, CNG Compressor, Automobile Lines, Automation IT, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Material Handling, Airport Baggage Handling, Burner Management Systems, Sugar, Textile, Polyester.


  • Automobile industry
  • Extruder Manufacturer
  • Airport baggage Handling
Working of India Development Cells:
  • Each cell consists of generally 8 – 15 engineers + Cell head.
  • Each cell is responsible for executing the orders of a geographical area or of a specific domain or client
  • Every cell head is responsible for the project management of his projects.
  • Cell concept is modular and scaleable.
  • Cell concept causes efficient project and human resource management
  • Cells allow key accounts and confidentiality to be handled very effectively.

Advantages to client : INDIA DEVELOPMENT CELL

  • All the advantages of a development center in India without building own infrastructure.
  • INDIA DEVELOPMENT CELL works as an extension of your team.
  • Use FOX resources, expertise and infrastructure for own development.
  • No deputation cost for human resources in India for the infrastructure development.
  • Deliver Top End technological Solutions to your clients.
  • Deliver extremely cost effective solutions to your clients.
  • Commissioning expertise and availability – worldwide.
  • Cells or group of cells are exclusively assigned to a single client, hence confidentiality can be easily maintained.