Unique Solutions
 Domain Steel & Metals
 Project Name Blast Furnace Automation - WinCC Server Redundency Along With Client Redundency
 Client Tata Metaliks, Reddi
 Project Highlights WinCC Server Redundency Along With Client Redundency
Control of material handling, batching, upper & lower bells as well as stoves.
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives :  S7400
2 HMI :  WinCC.
3 Communication Protocol :  Industrial Ethernet .
4 IO Count :  1200 .
5 Software :  Simatic Step7, Simatic WInCC.
 Project Synopsis
Automation system for a complete Mini Blast Furnace with bell top (Upper bell and Lower bell).

All controls and interlocks for the bells, raw material handling system and stoves are handled by the automation system. Equalization and relief valve are used for the pressure equalization purpose. Raw material is dumped into the furnace through upper bell and lower bell.

Siwarex-U module is used for weighing the raw material (coke, iron ore, flux) into the weigh bin. For discharging the material from the weigh bin, weigh bin selection facility is given to the operator through HMI.

Stoves are used to provide the hot blast to the blast furnace. The BF gas from the blast furnace passes from the gas cleaning plant and is fed back into the stoves which generates heat, by combining with combustion air. Regulating valves are used to control the flow of BF gas and combustion air. Ratio control is used for the combustion loop of BF gas and combustion air. Blowers are used in the cold blast line to push the hot air of the stove to blast furnace.

Three states of operation of the stoves are Gas state, Isolation state and Blast state. At least one stove must be in blast state at any point of time.

The scope of work included:

  1. Design and supply of control systems and cabinets.
  2. Software development
  3. Commissioning