Project Details
 Domain  System Upgradation
 Project Name  Up gradation of Dairy Automation System ( S5 to PCS7)
 Client  Siemens, Kalwa
 Project Highlights Online Migration of Dairy Plant from S5 System to PCS7 System
Project Synopsis

Migration / Upgradation of Dairy Plant from existing Simatic S5 & COROS based automation system to Siemens PCS7 System. The plant has following sections.

1. Milk Reception: In this section milk is received from tankers at two reception stations and transferred to four of Raw Milk Storage Tanks.

2. MPL: There are two milk processing lines which includes Homogenizer & pasteurizer units. Pasteurized milk is transferred to storage tanks.

3. PMST-HMST: The pasteurized milk is then transferred to horizontal milk storage tanks where the SNF is maintained by manual addition.

4. HMST- Packaging Line: The milk is then transferred to 3 pouch filling stations from which it goes for dispatch. The entire automation system was upgraded to PCS7 system online while the plant was running. A particular section was taken for trials at a time on the new system in the predefined shutdown period while rest all the sections were running on the old system. After complete testing of that section the control was again transferred to the old System. In this manner all the sections were tested on the new system step by step during planned shutdowns. After testing all the sections the entire control was then transferred to new PCS7 System.

The scope of work included:

  • Design & supply of control systems/ Cabinets.
  • Software development
  • Commissioning