Project Details
 Domain  Steel & Metals
 Project Name  Rolling Mill Drives Commissioning
 Client  JSK Industries pvt Ltd
 Project Highlights
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : S7-200, Master Drives, MM440,6RA70 DC Master Drive 850A
2 HMI :
3 Communication Protocol : USS, MPI.
4 IO Count :
5 Software : Microwin, Drive Monitor, Pro Tool.
Project Synopsis

Automation system for Continuous Casting Rod Mill. (Aluminum)

Molten aluminum from tilting furnace is poured into V-Grove of caster wheel to give continuous cast bar.

The cast bar is brought to the input of 16/14/13/10/08 no. of mills stands as required for the output size rod. The mill is driven by a single 850Amp DC Drive and Motor.

The Caster is driven by AC Master Drive. Winder is driven by DC Master. Anti-cobbling logic is implemented to avoid production losses and mechanical damages to the system.

The scope of work included:

  1. Design supply of control systems & cabinets.
  2. Software development .
  3. Commissioning.