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 Project Details
 Domain  Food & Beverage
 Project Name  Raw Milk Silo -13 Addition in Pre-process Section of Dairy Plant
 Client  Dynamics Dairy, Pune
 Project Highlights Raw Milk Silo-13 Addition in Pre-process section of running Dairy plant with minimum shutdown time
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : S5-155U
3 Communication Protocol : Sinec-H1
4 IO Count : Total IO count 1500 out which 200 IO new added for Silo Addition
5 Software : Step 5, WinCC 6.0 , Coros V2.5
Project Synopsis

Modification and expansion in existing Simatic S5 155H automation system and COROS for dairy.
Raw Milk Storage silo is added to increase productivity and hence the following sequences are added.

  • Milk transfer sequence from Tanker to Raw Milk Silo
  • Milk Transfer from Raw Milk Silo to Milk Processing lines
  • CIP of Raw milk silos & transfer lines
  • Communication with other PLCs in the plant.

Since this is a running plant, modification is done with negligible shutdown time, primarily in the night shift.