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 Project Details
 Domain  Steel & Metals
 Project Name  Stove Automation for Blast Furnace
 Client  KFIL
 Consultant  Evo -Tech, Bhilai
 Project Highlights Concept to commissioning of controls for Stove Automation including basic system & process analysis
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives :S7-400H
2 HMI : WinCC.
3 Communication Protocol : Industrial Ethernet .
4 IO Count :1150.
5 Software : .
Project Synopsis

Stoves are used to provide the hot blast to the Blast Furnace. The control system is critical since the process stability is absolutely dependent on it.

The BF gas from the blast furnace is passed from the Gas cleaning plant and fed back into the stoves which generate the heat by combining with combustion air. Regulating valves are used to control the flow of BF Gas and combustion air. Ratio control is used for the combustion loop of BF Gas and Combustion air.

The stoves operate in three states viz. Gas state, Isolation state and Blast state. At least one stove has to be in Blast state at any point of time to provide the hot blast to the furnace.

The scope of work included:

  1. System design and FDS
  2. Design and supply of control systems & cabinets.
  3. Software development & Commissioning.