Project Details
 Domain  Automotive
 Project Name  Electronic Checkout System for L90 vehicle
 Client  Siemens, Kalwa
 Project Highlights First installation of Siemens ECOS System in India
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : ECOS-HOST
3 Communication Protocol : RFID, Ethernet, WLAN
4 IO Count : 4
5 Software : ECOS HOST, ECOS PPL-I, Oracle.
Project Synopsis

Electronic Check out System installed and commissioned for  Mahindra & Mahindra / Renault production facility manufacturing LOGAN in India.

The ECOS system is an advanced vehicle testing facility. The system interacts with the onboard electronics of the vehicle to achieve accurate vehicle diagnostics as well as to record a signature of various performance parameters of the engine.

Project Highlights:  

  • Installation of Check stations at four areas of operation.
  • Installation of Host and Standby Server at Server room
  • Communication between server and check station through Ethernet link for data transfer
  • Setting of the radio connectivity between check station and the Vehicle module.\
  • Installation of the radio devices e.g. Radio Battery adaptors, Hand Held Terminals, Mobile check stations Mobile Diagnostic adaptors.
  • Vehicle identification through RFID tag reading.
  • Vehicle Data Transfer between four check stations and server using Ethernet Communication Link.
  • Checking of the vehicle parameters by Radio link with vehicle using Battery adaptors, Hand Held terminals.
  • Electronic check using the check steps and operator instruction according to the model type.
  • Generation of instructions to be followed by operator and storing of the data generated after the test at server.
  • Modification in the Check steps as per the model type.