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 Project Details
 Domain  Steel & Metals
 Project Name  Ladle Furnace / Water Treatment / Fume Extraction / Raw Material Handling
 Client  GA Danieli, Kolkata
 Project Highlights
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : 2 Nos. S7 400-H
2 HMI : WinnCC
3 Communication Protocol : Profibus,TCP/IP
4 IO Count : 2000
5 Software : STEP-7, WinCC
Project Synopsis

This is a 130 Ton Ladle Furnace with all the auxiliary system like Water Treatment Plant, Alloy Feeding System, Fume Extraction System and Hydraulic System as the part of the automation.
The entire field IO’s are communicating with PLC on PROFIBUS. EAF PLC is communicating with Electrode Regulation PLC on PROFIBUS trough DP/DP coupler.
All the Operating Stations communicate over Ethernet on TCP/IP protocol.

The scope of work included:
    • Design and supply of control systems / cabinets.
    • Software development
    • Commissioning