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 Project Details
 Domain  Tyre
 Project Name  DC Mill for Rubber
 Client  Birla Tyres
 Project Highlights DC Drive & S7-200 on USS
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : S7 200, SIMOREG-dcMASTER 850A .
2 HMI : OP7.
3 Communication Protocol : USS, PPI.
4 IO Count : 32 DI, 32 DO.
5 Software : MICROWIN, Protocol.
Project Synopsis

The dc mill produces soft rubber sheet which goes to the calendar system or an extruder. This application requires very high starting torque. Thickness of the sheet is adjusted by reducing the gap    between two rolls.

All the auxiliary controls for this system like coolant, thermic fluid, grease pump, emergency rope switches, gear lubrication pump etc. are controlled by PLC. The system consists of 6RA70 DC    Drive- 4Q, S7300 and OP7. 6RA70 drive communicates with S7200 on USS. The input of this mill is the processed rubber from Banbury system.  The output of the mill is fed to the calendar    machine.

The scope of work included:
  1. Design and supply of control systems & cabinets.
  2. Software development & Commissioning.