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 Project Details
 Domain  Power Generation
 Project Name  15MW Captive Power Plant
 Client  Siemens, Khargar
 Project Highlights Boiler and Turbine Control Logic, 3 element Drum Level PID, 2 out of 3 Analog input Logic, Furnace Draft Control, Combustion Control.Sequence of Events Recording System, Ash Handling System
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : PCS-7, S7-400H
2 HMI : WinCC
3 Communication Protocol : Modbus RTU communation with Energy Meter, Ethernet communication for Scada, Profibus communication for Remote IOs
4 IO Count : 1200
5 Software : PCS-7 Version 6.0
Project Synopsis

Automation system for Captive Power for Paper Plant comprising:

  • Boiler Control with 3 element drum level, furnace draft control.
  • Turbine control
  • Ash Handling system
  • Sequence of Even recorder

The scope of work included :

  1. Design & supply of control systems.
  2. Software development
  3. Commissioning