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 Project Details
 Domain  CNG Compressor
 Project Name  MSO Compressor Automation
 Client  KPCL, Pune
 Consultant  EIL (Mumbai)
 Project Highlights SIL-3 with Failsafe controls
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives

: 414HF .

2 HMI : OP270..
3 Communication Protocol :MPI, (Modbus for communication with DCS).
4 IO Count : 96      (DI =24, DO=20, AI=48, AO=4).
5 Software :
Project Synopsis

MSO (Minimum Send Out) Compressor is the system for collecting the evaporated gas from the LNG wells, compress it to the desired pressure and feed the discharge header, so that minimum gas is sent out to flair header (to burn out the gas).

In this project, we had developed the application software for the compressor automation.

The level of safety provided by the system is SIL-3 (Safety integration Level-3) with “Fail Safe Hot stand by” configuration. Modbus communication is used to update the real time values to DCS system. HMI displayed all real time values, trip and alarm conditions.