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 Project Details
 Domain  Machines
 Project Name  Automatic fuel charging in Hot Cell
 Client  Pari, Pune
 Project Highlights The System is Designed to handle nuclear waste.
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : S7 CPU314C-2DP, IM151-1, 1SI Modbus Slave, Servo Drives.
2 HMI : OP7.
3 Communication Protocol : MPI, Profibus, Modbus RTU.
4 IO Count : 128 DI/DO.
5 Software : STEP 7,Protool-Pro, Drive Monitor
Project Synopsis

The System is designed to handle Nuclear Waste. The basic components of the system are as mentioned below.

  1. TPA Door Assembly.
  2. CASK Door Assembly.
  3. Dolley.
  4. Trolley.
  5. Indexer.
  6. Pusher.

Nuclear Waste is pushed in the TPA assembly where it is chopped and processed / destroyed. The Machine is designed to push the nuclear waste in the TPA using Rods and Liner. Pushing of the rods and liner is achieved by a servomotor controlled by a Master drive. PLC system controls the overall functioning of the system. Modbus Slave 1SI Module is used to send all data for MIS reporting.

The scope of work included:

  1. Design of control systems.
  2. Software development
  3. Commissioning