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 Project Details
 Domain  Machines
 Project Name  Wire Drawing and Enamelling Machine
 Client  Beico Industries, Nashik
 Project Highlights 0.04 micron wire drawing and enamelling at the maximum line speed of 1400 mpm
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : 2 S7-200 ( 224XP), Master drive 4Kw Converter Compact plus , Master drive VC Inverter unit for Capstan, MM420 for Catalyst fan ,Master drive MC inverter units and MC drive Inverter unit.
2 HMI : HMI developed in VB.
3 Communication Protocol : USS, MPI.
4 IO Count : 200.
5 Software : HMI Application communicates with both PLCs on MPI network using Micro computing (PC consists of 5613/11 card)
Project Synopsis

Automation system for wire drawing & enameling machine at line speed of 1400 mpm for very fine wire upto 0.04 microns. The system is designed for an OEM manufacturer of machines. Many identical machines have been repeated later. The raw material (wire /conductor) comes from Pay-off & is fed into the drawing section where actual wire drawing takes place. After that wire goes to Entry capstan that is used for pulling the wire from Pay-off. The wire then goes into enameling section where wire enameling takes place. This is then passed through oven. Oven has Annealing & Cooling section. Six heaters are placed in oven for annealing. Before the wire comes out of the oven section cooling is done by Catalyst fan & fresh air fan.
  The oven is controlled to maintain constant temperature during the process. Next to that is Exit capstan, which is used for pulling the wire from oven. The Exit capstan then passes the wire onto spooler for winding. Spooler is controlled for different types of windings.

The scope of work included:

  1. Design & supply of control systems / cabinets.
  3. Software development
  5. Commissioning