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 Project Details
 Domain  Food & Beverage
 Project Name  Dairy Plant Automation using PCS7
 Client  Siemens, Kalwa
 Consultant  Gea Process Engineering India Ltd., Baroda
 Project Highlights Total Dairy Plant Process automation using PCS7
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : PCS-7 AS-416-3DP – 2 Nos
3 Communication Protocol : Profibus-DP, Profibus-PA, Ethernet & Modbus
4 IO Count : 900 IO over ET-200M, 80 PA Devices over Profibus-PA
5 Software : PCS7-ES/OS V6.1, PDM V6.1
Project Synopsis

Dairy Automation with PCS7 covering various sections of the plant as below:

  • Reception of Raw milk and Storage
  • Skim Milk Storage
  • Pasteurized milk Storage section
  • Milk Processing Section
  • CIP of whole dairy plant
  • Butter & Cream storage section
  • Milk Powder Evaporator & Dryer Section
  • Utility section of Dairy plant

All I/Os and field devices communicate over ProfibusDP / ProfibusPA. OS staions are linked over Etherenet.

PCS7-OS is used to monitor & control the Dairy Plant process & generate production data.

The scope of work included :

  1. Design of control systems.
  2. Software development
  3. Commissioning