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 Project Details
 Domain  Energy Monitoring
 Project Name  Energy Monitoring System
 Client  Daman Ganga
 Project Highlights
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : S7-200
2 HMI : VB.
3 Communication Protocol : Modbus.
4 IO Count : 70 energy meters on modbus
5 Software : Step-7 Microwin, Visual Basic
Project Synopsis

Fox - EMS is a products of Fox. The Energy Monitoring System monitors energy consumption in various areas of the plant. It reports and analyses section wise consumption patterns so that energy cost allocation and optimization of usage is managed

Following are the features of this system: · Dynamic on line reporting

· Easy for on site configuration

· Expandable to AC/PF/MD/ switch yard control

· On line power monitoring with trends and alarm facility

· Password protection for different user levels

· Modbus protocol for communication with energy meters.

· Multi point data availability using existing factory LAN.

· Final reporting as per format required by the client.

· Data storage for at least 365 days.

· SAP/ERP Integration.

· Historical trending and alarms.