Project Details
 Domain  System Upgradation
 Project Name  Dairy Plant Migration of From S5 PLC system to PCS7
 Client  Siemens, Kalwa
 Project Highlights Migration of Existing S5 PLC Systems to PCS7 in a running plant with minimum shutdown time
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : AS-417-4 – 4 Nos
3 Communication Protocol : Profibus-DP, Profibus-PA, Ethernet
4 IO Count : 2500 S5 IOs linked with PCS7-AS using IM-463 & IM-314
5 Software : PCS7-ES/OS V6.0, PDM V6.0, Special PCS7 Dig-Device Library.
Project Synopsis

Migration / Upgradation of existing Simatic S5 system to PCS-7 systems in a running dairy plant.  All areas of the plant have been upgraded.

  • Reception of Raw milk Storage
  • Skim Milk Storage
  • Pasteurized milk Storage section
  • Milk Processing Section
  • CIP of whole dairy plant
  • Butter & Cream storage section
  • Milk Powder Evaporator & Dryer Section
  • Utility section of Dairy plant
  • Aseptic Milk Packaging Plant Section

Project Highlights:

  • Use Of S7-400 CPUs stations with old S5 IO Modules using IM-463-2 & IM-314 Module.
  • Data Transfer  between 4  PCS 7 AS stations using Industrial Ethernet Communication Link.
  • Use of standard PCS-7 Library & Dig-device Library to reduce the development time.
  • Use of Import-Export assistance for creation of CFCs using standard Modules developed in CFCs.
  • Development of Standard SFC for repetitive Steps Sequence Logic.
  • Development of faceplates & Function Block as per client requirement.
  • Development of function logic apart from PCS 7 Library.
  • Development of Standard Function-Blocks, which is suitable for OLD S5-IO System.
  • Use Process Object View for interlinking CFCs by direct IO or Textual Inter-connection between CFCs charts.
  • Use of AS, OS & ES concept in this projects.
  • Use of Client/Server concept in PCS-7 OS Stations.
  • Use of Alarm-Logging concept , which gives whole Process-Wise Logs, Section wise Logs, Process Operating activity logs.
  • Use of Trend-Logging concept  for Online Trends, Archived Trends & online configuration Trends from PCS-7 OS Stations.
  • Use of Recipe Management concept for CIP.
  • Process Recipe, which have total 52 routes each having 14 programs with 80 parameters.
  • Use of Report Management for Process data shift-wise, month-wise & Day-wise.
  • Connection of PCS-7 database to Client Oracle Database Server through OPC-Connectivity (Only OPC Connectivity part handled).
  • Use of PCS-7 database for Report Generation using Visual-Basics & Visual-C++.