Project Details
 Domain  Cement
 Project Name  Cement Mill Upgrading
 Client  Siemens, Kalwa
 Project Highlights Conversion of Old CP526 Based HMI to COROS, OLD CPU replacement and Logic Modifications
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : CPU-928B
2 HMI : COROS V2.2
3 Communication Protocol : Point – point serial communication.
4 IO Count : 720
5 Software : Step 5, COROS, COMREG.
Project Synopsis

Upgradation of existing system in a cement plant.Existing CP526 based SCADA has been replaced with windows based COROS ver 2.2. Existing CPU922 is upgraded to CPU928B. This system controls various equipments such as, air slide blowers, weigh-feeders, RTS blower, bucket elevators, storage silo’s, K-line, C-line equipments, dampers, cooling fans, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, ESP, PH fan, ESP Inlet FAN, Clinker Silo, Blowers, Rotary Airlock, KILN etc. All analog, parameters are monitored using COMREG software. PID’s are also configured. A new ball mill is added along with its auxiliaries, and program logic of existing mill is modified.

  1. Design and supply of control systems & cabinets.
  2. Software development.
  3. Commissioning.