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 Project Details
 Domain  Automation IT
 Project Name  SCADA system for plant
 Client  Clariant Chemicals Ltd, Khopoli
 Project Highlights Project features data acquisition through modbus and reports generated for analysis integrated to SAP for production and quality improvement.
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives :
2 HMI : VB.
3 Communication Protocol : Modbus 485.
4 IO Count :
5 Software : Front end -Visual Basic , Data base -SQL Server 2005
Project Synopsis

Data acquisition system for process values form different sections of Chemical plant like reactors, storage tanks, Pumps etc. These are monitored with actual set points and alarms generated wherever necessary. Mainly, the system is used for analysis of the logged data thus allowing best quality production values to be recorded /marked for continuous improvement in the quality. Similarly, any low-grade quality material can be compared with parameters of good quality material. The logged data can be linked to SAP for auto generation of set points and production planning.