Project Details
 Domain  Special Purpose Machines
 Project Name  MCCB Electronic Release Test Machine
 Client  L&T Ltd, Powai
 Project Highlights
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives

: S7-200 (224XP) 2 Nos., 12 Nos. of stepper drives, PC based card for data acquisition.


2 HMI : HMI developed in VB.
3 Communication Protocol : PPI .
4 IO Count : 200.
5 Software : Microwin,Visual Basic 6.0
Project Synopsis

This is a turnkey project to design, build and supply a automated test & calibration machine for the MCCB electronic release.

The system consists of two separate test benches for single phase & three phase tests. The maximum current capacity of 3 phase set-up is 1600A and 20000A for single phase set-up. On 3 phase set-up it is possible to calibrate the electronic release for Phase, Neutral & Earth faults. The Earth fault trip test & Earth fault balanced test for RYB & RYN is carried out on 3 phase set-up. The single phase set up is designed for Long time test, Short time test, Thermal memory test & instantaneous test. On line current adjustment is possible for long term test which is done through primary voltage adjustment by a motorized variac.

The scope of work included:

  1. Design and Supply of complete machine
  2. Development
  3. Commissioning