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 PROJECTS 29 Projects Found
PLC HMI Drives
Title Client PLC HMI Drives
Indian Railway Signaling S/w Development Siemens, Khargar S7-300F WinCC
1 no S7 400 System with MM440 Drives on profibus (Portal Robot) Dango & Dienenthal India Pvt Ltd S7-400 MP277 MM440
Annual Maintenance Contract John Deer, Pune S7-300 OP7
Annual Maintenance Contract John Deer, Pune S7-300
Compressor KPCL, Pune S7-300 OP77
Compressor Automation Concepts India Pvt. Ltd S7-200 OP77A
Compressor Automation Control Effect Pvt Ltd S7-200. OP7
Compressor Automation (S7300+Wincc-Flex+Op77a) KPCL, Pune S7-300 WinCC-Flex, OP77A
Compressor Automation. KPCL, Pune S7-400H OP77B
Crane Automation for rubber tyre gantry Siemens, Khargar 6RA70
CTTC Training Kit CTTC S7-200 WinCC-Flex
Demo Kit for Elecrama-2008 Siemens, Kalwa S7-400H WinCC
Drive system For slitting Line Alfa Transformer Ltd MicroMaster440
Eot Crain ( S7 200 + VC) MESCO, Jaspur S7-200 Master Drive VC
Expansion of Breawaries and Distallary Automation System Comau, Italy S7-300 WinCC
Gear testing machine Automation Techniques, Pune S7-300 WinCC 6RA70,MM440,MASTERDRIVE VC
Machine Automation Oriental Rubber S7-300 WinCC
Master Batch Technocrats India Sinumerik 810D Sinumerik 810D 611Simodrive
MCC automation Hallmark, Pune S7-300 OP77
Panel for conveyor automation Blue Star Limited MM440
PICK AND PLACE MACHINE AUTOMATION India Robotics Pune S7-300 OP77 Masterdrive MC
Plastic Mould Making m/c Automation Swaraj Automation S7-300 TP170B
s5&s7 and Wincc flex training Emitech, Pune S7-300 WinCC-Flex
Scada Up- gradation New Guiret Plastic (Kabla Plastic) OP7
Training on Logo S7-Series & Micro Master Enercon India Ltd. S7-300 MM430
Training on S7+Drives Garware Poly Films, Nashik S7-300
Training on S7-300 Pari, Pune S7-300
Upgradation of PAP Ball Mills IFFCO, Paradip S7300R WinCC
Upgradation Of Rommlag M/c Nirma Ltd., Ahemhdabad S5-155H WinCC