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PLC HMI Drives
Title Client PLC HMI Drives
Motor Driven CNG Compressor Automation Siemens, Kalwa S7-300R OP7
Phoenix Robotics Hemming Cells ABB ROBOTICS INDIA LTD AB SLC 5000 Panel View
Assembly Line Auotmation Comau, Italy S7-400 WinCC Flex
Underbody line for D200 & MCV FIAT Comau, Italy S7-400F MP-370, WinCC
Transfer Manipulator Dango & Dienenthal India Pvt Ltd S7-400 MP277 and MP370
Framing Stations and Line Integration Comau, India
Electronic Checkout System for L90 vehicle Siemens, Kalwa ECOS
Nut Runner Machine Automation Inteltek, Pune S7-300 Master Drive MC
Framing Line integration Comau, Italy S7-400 OP-37
ABB Hemming cell-(Robotic-Training) ABB, Robotics AB MICROLOGIX
Comman Rail Centralised System Veerja Industries, Pune S7-300 MM440
Crank Shaft Measurement Amtek Auto, Pune S5-115U
Indexing Machine automation Zibentek Engr.Pvt.Ltd S7-300 OP77B Masterdrive MC,
Infra red Oven Gear testing jig Neat Wind Industries S7-200 TD200
Main buck and under body welding woth robot integration Comau, India
Robotic hemming Cells Automobiles ABB, Robotics AB SLC 5000 Panel View
Robotic hemming Cells Automobiles ABB, Robotics AB SLC 5000 Panel View
S7-200 commissioning Wheels India S7-200
Sinamics drive commissioning Pari, Pune Sinamics G110,
welding robot machine automation Mahindra & Mahindra, Nashik S7-300
X3 Hemming Cell ABB, Robotics AB compaq logic 1769 e35 Panel View 700