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 Project Details
 Domain  Sugar
 Project Name  Sugar Plant Process (PCS7)
 Client  Siemens, Kalwa
 Project Highlights Evaporator, Juice Handling & Mill Process Section Automation using PCS7
System Configuration
1 PLC/Drives : PCS7 with AS-416-3DP For Mill Area, AS-414-3DP For Evaporator & Juice Handling Area
3 Communication Protocol : Profibus-DP, Ethernet
4 IO Count : 700
5 Software : PCS7 ES/OS V6.1
Project Synopsis

PCS7 Automation for various sections of a sugar plant. Two different AS are used to control the Sugar plant process.

  1. Mill Area is controlled by AS-416-3DP
  2. Juice Handling & Evaporator are controlled by AS-414-3DP.

Production reports are generated on PCS7 OS. Online trends & historical trends of process parameters can be visualized on PCS7 OS